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“In His Image” – October Focus

Addictions, (whether to drugs, alcohol, prescription drugs, smoking, gambling, compulsive spending, hoarding, or other addictions), present serious challenges to the person and all those who support her or him. An addiction is not something to simply “get over”. An addiction is a lifestyle. Stopping or recovering from an addiction involves relearning how to spend time, finding new friends, finding excitement in everyday activities, and dealing with all the overwhelming feelings that surface without the addiction.

Recovery is not a cure. It’s a process with many facets. Most people do not have the professional training to effectively work with a person working in a recovery process. As a caring congregation, we are able to be an understanding and encouraging aspect in the lives of people and their families working on recovery. Listening without judgment, engaging in enjoyable activities, recognizing the value and skills each person brings to our church, supporting decisions for engaging in treatment and life activities, and praying with and for all, are fundamental to Green Tree’s mission.

Submitted by: Nancy Beck

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