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“In His Image” – Pastor’s Epistle

I remember the moment my first baby was born. As they held that little body up to us and we looked, in awe, at the life that was entrusted to our care… I turned to my husband and said, he’s making “the Ream-
look!” My husband has this way of scrunching his eyebrows and holding his mouth that I have labeled “The Ream Look.” His brother made the face, he makes the face, and my son makes the face. Not only that, but my son made the face from the first moments after his birth! He was studying us, furrowing his eyebrows, and trying to contemplate what he was looking at. Some family lines have strong physical family traits. Some families have strong patterns of mannerisms. Whatever the pattern is, it can be an identifier of who we are related to and who we spend a lot of our time with. This photograph captured my husband and son looking down the street in Salt Lake City, Utah, as they talked about what they were
observing. My daughter-in-law noticed their similar way of standing and I just had to capture it in a
photograph! Some family resemblances are strong and difficult to miss! These two men so frequently look and act alike!

In Genesis 1:26, we read that God shared His reason and intention in creating humans when He said, “Let Us make man in Our image, according to Our likeness.” It was no surprise to God that Adam and Eve fell and sin entered the world. He knew people would not revere and seek their fulfillment and joy in Him. Despite knowing this, He created us by giving us aspects of Himself. Our holy, pure and awesome God created humans to reflect aspects of His beauty and character. And, as God’s image-bearers, we are all equal. We are equal in dignity and worth, and we are also equally fallen (Romans 3:23).

In September 2023, we will begin a journey together, in this Year of Jubilee, wherein we will seek God as we look at being “His Image”. We will consider this honor of bearing His Image by looking within ourselves (to explore what it means to be “in His likeness”) and by looking outward (to see the variety and complexity of humanity) to grow in our appreciation and love of the way that we reflect His Image.

I’m looking forward to this journey with you, my brothers and sisters!

~Pastor Kim

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